When are the classes held?

The classes are held every Thursday from 8pm to 10pm.

When can I start as a beginner?

New students are welcome at any time!

No previous experience required.

What is the minimum or maximum age to start?

The minimum age to start is 18 years old.

It is never too late to start but the maximum age is 74 years old, in order to comply with our public liability insurance policy.

What do I need to wear?

For your first lesson, you can wear a tracksuit bottom and T-shirt or some loose sports wear, no shoes are needed.

If you have practiced another martial art, you can wear that do-gi (kimono) to begin with.

Should you decide to continue training, you will, at some point need to buy a proper do-gi (white belt, white trousers, white gi).

It is possible to buy one here : www.ninecircles.co.uk

Is the training suitable for women too?

Of course! Aikido and Iaido are popular among women, we just ask that nails are kept short, to avoid injuries during training.

Are there any competitions in AIKIDO or in the other disciplines?

Yes, there are competitions in all disciplines.

Competitions are seen as part of the training and development, it is the only way to be close to the true fighting situation.

You will either win or learn, never loose! 

Do you take beginners with no previous experience in Martial Arts?

Of course! No previous experience is necessary and trying out a class is the best way to find out whether Takeda Budo is the Martial Arts for you.