Iaido (居合道)

Iaido (居合道)

Face danger with a calm mind and alert. Throughout history, Samurai TAKEDA were formidable opponents. Their sword fighting techniques are characterized by a way of drawing and cutting, the speed of light as well as a battle strategy.

Iaido is the part of swordsmanship school TAKEDA. Originally it was called Battojutsu ( the art of drawing ), and then iaijutsu, IAIDO today. Quick draw and cut with precision are the basis of this art.

The Batto SHIAI which is one of the exercises is one of the spectacular features of the school TAKEDA in the practice of Budo (Martial Arts). This guaranty the highest technical level that distinguishes the masters of swordsmanship of the TAKEDA school. Nodays, opponents are face to face at a sufficient distance so that their swords are not in contact. The referee shall then enjoy the fastest and most accurate cut. It is therefore only a few steps away in a competition that decides victory or defeat by the score, just like life or death determined the victory at the time.

It is practiced with a Iaito (practice sword that doesn't have a sharp blade, the blade is usually made from a zinc alloy to stop it corroding).