Kendo (剣道)

Kendo (剣道)

Making the right choice at the right time based on patience, strategy and the courage and determination : this is KENDO education provided in schools TAKEDA.

TAKEDA is also called SOBUKENDO because it includes many different forms of fighting: exercises of fight strategy  including koryu (old technique) and KENJUTSU ( TACHI KENDO ).

KENDO is a form of fencing, part of the art of swordsmanship. During training in TAKEDA school, wooden swords ( BOKUTO ) are used.

At a higher level, the KENDO of the TAKEDA school does not use protection during fights.

The fighters are forced to be very careful not to create openings. The only concession towards safety is the fukuru-shinai, a bamboo stick covered with fabric, and the knowledge of the good fighters. Only children and beginners are allowed to use protection.


Fukuru-shinai (split bamboo with foam used in contest)