1. When are the classes?

2. Where are the classes?

3. What do I need to wear?

For Children, we recommend to buy a white do-gi (kimono) with a white belt.

you can find some cheap one on Amazon.

For Adults, for your first lesson, you can wear a tracksuit bottom and T-shirt or some loose sports wear, no shoes are needed. 

If you have practiced another martial art, you can wear that do-gi (kimono) to begin with.

Should you decide to continue training, you will, at some point need to buy a proper do-gi (white belt, white trousers, white gi), some are available on NineCircles.

A white T-shirt can be wear under the jacket of the do-gi.

We recommend for jewellery to be removed for practice, nails to be kept short, long hear to be tied up to avoid injuries during training.

4. What is the minimum or maximum age to start?

The Samurai Kids class is from 6 to 11 years old.

The Adults class is from 16 years old. (It is never too late to start)

5. Are there any competitions?

Yes, there are competitions in all disciplines for Adults.

Competitions are seen as part of the training and development. 

It is in modern life, the only way to be close to the true fighting situation. 

You will either win or learn, never loose!

6. Does Martial Arts promote violence?

Many people believe that Martial Arts promote violence, but the opposite is more accurate; it brings peace. It teaches you to remain calm in every situation, make you more open minded and tolerant. Everyone is the same on the mat. There is no distinction of gender, nationality or colour, all with the common goal of growing as individuals and collectively.

7. Do you take beginners with no previous experience in Martial Arts?

Of course! No previous experience is necessary and trying out a class is the best way to find out whether Takeda Budo is the Martial Arts for you.

8. When can I start as a beginner?

For the Adults classes, new students are welcome at any time! No previous experience required.

For the Samurai Kids class, we recommend student to start at the beginning of a term, but contact us in case there are availability!

9. What Martial Arts do you teach?

We teach a Japanese Martial Arts called Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha,

Check out this page

10. Do you teach Aikido?

Aikido is the art of gathering an combining forces. 

We teach the Aikido discipline of Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha.

(not to confuse with the Aikido from Morihei Ueshiba)

Check out this page 

11. Do you practice Iaido with live blade?

Most of the time, we practice with swords that are not sharp for safety reason. Those swords are called Iaito (practice swords are usually made from a zinc alloy). 

We have a few Iaito available for the member of the club to practice with during the class.

We only use live blade at an advanced level for the purpose of testing the cutting skills of the student (Batto Giri). This is done in a safe environment under strict supervision from the Sensei.

It is forbidden to bring a live blade into the training hall!

12. What is the meaning of our logo?

The Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha logo is composed of a flower in the background representing the Japanese imperial chrysanthemum. This is to represent the imperial origin of the school.

The disk is representing the sun and the croissant is representing the moon. This is to represent the Yin and the Yang. The teaching of Aiki is based on the principles of Yin and Yang.

The logo in the actual form was created by Soke Nakamura Hisashi.

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