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This is the old school part of Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha. 

The founder Soke Hisashi Nakamura, learned Takeda Ryu from Oba Ichio (please refer to our history page for more information). 

At that time, there were only Koryu techniques (battlefield techniques) and no split of disciplines everything was shown together. Hard techniques to do but a lot harder to receive, they were in exemple not teaching ukemi (way to fall, receive your body). Only gifted people were able to practice and there were one master and only about 12 students in total. Before being able to take part, one had to sit on the side of the dojo first and watch. Two guarantors were required as well as signing a contract with blood. A lot of dedication was required and the hierarchy of the school was heavy.

Hard training of Takeda Ryu, Kitakyushu Japan ∼1952
Hard training of Takeda Ryu, Kitakyushu Japan ∼1952

The aims of the Nakamura style was to make sure the Takeda Ryu survived and he then made it easier for people to learn it. He created a structure in splitting it in disciplines (Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukenpo, Kendo). Allowing less gifted and less dedicated people to become strong over time and able to practice Koryu.

First the fondation are taught to the students and principles and ukemi. Those safer techniques allow also the use of competition in a safe manner. As people do not fight in the battlefield anymore, competition simulate fights and challenges the ability of people of using the technique when people are not compliant and when stress is added. Competition is also a way of rewarding people for their hard work. 

Also, Soke Nakamura Hisashi introduce the kyu/dan ranking system into the school allowing progress to be tracked more easily and adding motivation.

Later on, when the student is ready, Koryu techniques are taught, those techniques can then be applied at full power and without compromised. As they come from the Samurai and where ment to be used in the battlefield, they are highly effective and design to neutralised the opponent as fast as possible. 

We are lucky that in modernising the school, Soke Hisashi Nakamura kept the root of Takeda Ryu and that those battlefield techniques are still taught today. Some of those techniques are taught within each disciplines (Aikido, Iaido, Jodo, Jukenpo, Kendo) and some are combining disciplines.

In a fighting situation, everything become a whole, you cannot decide which weapon the opponent will have and which weapon (if any) you will be carrying at that time.

Nicolas & Rob, Basingstoke 2022

Shuriken Jutsu
Shuriken Jutsu
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