Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha

International Seminar, Belgium 2018
International Seminar, Belgium 2018

We practice the Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha (the Nakamura style of the Takeda school).

It is the Japanese Martial Art of the Samurai, full of respect and tradition.

Takeda Budo (Martial Arts) is a 'Sobudo' (comprehensive Martial Arts).

It is composed of different disciplines, the main disciplines are:

  • without weapon:
    • Aikido / Aiki-jutsu (the art of gathering and combining forces)
    • Jukenpo (combining old jujutsu techniques with punching and kicking)
  • with weapon:
    • Iaido (the way of the sword)
    • Jodo (the way of the stick)
    • Kendo (swordsmanship)

At a high level, all the disciplines become one to fight like a Samurai.

The video below is an interview of the founder of Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha, Soke Nakamura Hisashi:

Ranking System

Kyu/Dan ranks (for each discipline)

Kyu/Dan levels are used to represent the technical level of the student.

Rank Belt color Hakama color Gi color
- White None OR White White
8th Kyu White None OR White White
7th Kyu White None OR White White
6th Kyu White None OR White White
5th Kyu White White White
4th Kyu White White White
3rd Kyu Brown White White
2nd Kyu Brown White White
1st Kyu Blue White White
1st Dan Black White White
2nd Dan Black White White
3rd Dan Black Blue White
4th Dan Black Blue White
5th Dan Black Blue White
6th Dan Black Blue White
7th Dan Black Blue White
8th Dan Black Blue White
9th Dan (only an honorary title) Black Blue White

Menkyo System (global)

The Menkyo is a teaching license delivered by Nakamura to individuals.

Menkyo Name Title Belt color Hakama color Gi color Total Dan
Shoden Menkyo Shoden Kyohan Black Blue White 9+
Chuden Menkyo Chuden Kyohan Black Blue White 12+
Joden Menkyo Joden Shihan Black Blue White 18+
Okuden Menkyo Okuden Shihan Black Blue Blue 22+
Kaiden Menkyo Kaiden Shihan Black Blue Blue 30+

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