Samurai Kids

Samurai were like superhero knights in Japan a long time ago. They wore cool armor, had special swords, and always did the right thing to help others. They were like brave guardians with a special code of honor.

Have fun and learn the Art of the Samurai, defence techniques, strikes, throws and sword fighting techniques (safely using foam swords).

Learn respect and tradition of our Japanese art.

The kids class help you to get ready to learn Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha, by teaching you useful techniques while keeping in mind that having fun is the most important.

Some techniques from Aikido, Jukenpo, Iaido and Kendo are taught in this curriculum.

This curriculum was developed by the Sobukai Basingstoke.

Punching and Kicking

Sword fighting techniques

Defence techniques, throws

Suitable for Girls and Boys of all abilities

Age: 6-11 years old

Monday from 15:30 to 16:30

Prevent bullying - Get Active - Learn to Fall

Seating for parents that want to stay and watch


Your first class is considered a trial class, and it is absolutely free!

£50.00 per term (including insurance)

£15.00 per term extra for pickup from Four Lanes Infant School

Training hall

Four Lanes Community Junior School, Junior Hall
Anmore Rd
RG24 8PQ

Coach: Nicolas LEFEBVRE

  • 4th Dan Black Belt
  • DBS checked
  • First Aid Trained
  • Sports Coach UK Safeguarding Certified

Coach Assistant: Hande LEFEBVRE

  • DBS checked
  • First Aid Trained

Samurai Kids class, Basingstoke 2023
Samurai Kids class, Basingstoke 2023

Help your child with their

Coordination - Energy release - Concentration - Behaviour

Samurai Kids Ranking System

The Red Belt of Samurai Kids is equivalent to 5th Kyu Aikido, 6th Kyu Jukenpo, 8th Kyu Iaido and 6th Kyu Kendo of Takeda Ryu Nakamura Ha.

Info about Samurai and the Takeda family

All team members are DBS checked and hold valid First Aid Certificates.

Instructor with 4th DAN Black Belt.

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